Battle Born Boomers - Exploding Targets
Battle Born Model BB-16 Carbine Piston 5.56 NATO Available: complete rifle and complete upper
Battle Born Model BB-16 Multi Caliber Billet Lower
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Battle Born - Made in the U.S.A.
Sweet Peace Integrally Suppressed 16.5 Available in 9mm and .45 ACP
Battle Born Boomers - Exploding Targets !! What a Blast !!
Sweet Peace Integrally Suppressed Rifle - 9mm and .45 ACP Available: complete rifle and complete upper
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 In the crazy rage leading up to the probable ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ in mid December of 2012, my wife and I decided to head down to U.S. Firearms Academy and Chuck F 2013_07_02purchase a matching set of Battle Born AR’s. (Merry Christmas to us!) We had planned this purchase for a while, but our timing was pushed up due to the potential circumstances. Many Law Enforcement friends that we have that own the BattleBorn AR absolutely swear by them, and after spending hours finger-walking over their ARs we decided that’s good enough for us.
With many trips in to the shop to see when the twins would finally arrive, they came to us in early May, just days before out anniversary. So, as it turns out, we got a ‘two-fer’ on the holiday gifting this year!
We’ve made some furniture changes and added some optics, and can honestly say, “WOW”. My previous AR time was years of experience with a “springy” and somewhat soft shooting Colt Sporter 20inch H bar that would have an occasional jam. To compare this rifle to the Colt is no comparison at all, the BattleBorn is simply a marvel! Super fun to shoot, I absolutely love the smile on my wife’s face when she tears up the center point of her target. This rifle is not soft, it’s tight and sends the bullet down range with confidence. I couldn’t be more happy with our purchase, there’s no wonder there’s still a 12 week wait on these very well made AR15′s. Thanks to all at U.S. Firearms Academy for an exceptional job on the manufacture and sales process of this super fun new addition to my collection.
By the way, the Colt is not going away but looks like its getting a bit dusty, probably gonna stay that way for a bit. Looking at upgrading the upper receiver on the Colt with a BattleBorn upper, and changing the furniture to Magpul then maybe she can come out to play with us and the new BB-16′s.

Chuck F, Reno, NV 7 /2/2013

Greg A  Thought you might like to see the results of my build around your superb billet lower receiver. Thanks for a great piece and your excellent customer service. You answered your phone during the feeding frenzy when all others did not. I will recommend you and your products to all. Thanks again.

Greg A, Reno, NV 6/11/2013

I’m a patrol commander in a small town in Georgia and I just purchased one of your billet lowers and I love it! Wow, what a nice piece of metal, hopefully when I get the whole gun completed it will be a gun that I can carry while on duty. I just wanted to forward my thoughts and let you know of my satisfaction. Thank you,.

Lt. Jason C 5/18/2013

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the DI BB16. The fit and finish is amazing. I’ve had it for about 8 months and have put about 600 rounds down range and not one malfunction. I’ve been looking to get another AR but when I pick them up and feel that wiggle between the upper and lower receiver I have to walk away.  I know it won’t affect the function of the rifle but just knowing that there is something better (Battle Born) in the same price range makes it hard to to fork over the cash.

Matt B.  5/4/2013

Impingement Firearms – 556 Complete Firearm

I bought a DI Battle Born 5.56 AR in July of 2012. Just yesterday I was able to go out and fire this weapon and I must say – it functioned flawlessly, accurately, and impressed both myself and the others I was shooting with. Each had to try it out, and every single one complimented me on my “excellent firearm”. Thank you for making something with such high quality.  Rating: 5

Brad O.,  Reno, NV    8/10/2012   

 I recently purchased a Battle Born AR gas piston rifle from US Firearms Academy. I have been impressed with build quality, the workmanship and the use of top quality components. After putting many rounds thru it, it has been accurate, dependable and good handling.  You can buy a lot of different AR style rifles for less money but you would not really be happy with it. A Battle Born rifle is more than worth the money, in my opinion.

Sam S.,  Reno, NV   7/3/2012  

Rating for Battle Born AR-15 DI Rifle

…This is why the City of Reno has ordered these rifles for their police department…Complete Article

Mike Searson, Reno Firearms Examiner:  12/1/2011

I recently purchased a Battle Born Mid Length TE complete rifle from you. I purchased this rifle with the idea of using it as my patrol rifle. When you depend on your rifle in life and death situations, reliability and accuracy cant be compromised. I have to say, after 1500 flawless rounds down range, my Battle Born rifle is now riding in my patrol vehicle! I am no stranger to AR type rifles and this is by far the most dependable and accurate patrol rifle I have come across yet, including those that cost more! Thank you for putting out a great product that I can depend on. I will continue to purchase my equipment from your store and recommend you to my co-workers.

Jason T.,  Reno, NV  11/26/2010 

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